What are the Benefits of Aquaponics?

The aquaponics system captures the interest of many people because of its benefits. It combines the idea of aquaculture and hydroponics into one conventional system that saves time, effort and money. At a low cost, one can obtain the benefit of harvesting vegetable crop and fish.

The good thing about this system is that it is organic. In a normal vegetable farm, there is a need to add different kinds of fertilizers to produce a good quality crops. In aquaponics, the fertilizer used is from the waste product of fish, which is ammonia. There are no chemical additives used. In addition, pesticides and insecticides are not used because they will kill the fish and bacteria.

Fresh and organic vegetables and fruits

Fresh and organic vegetables and fruits

Another benefit of aquaponics is that it saves space and easily accessible in the comfort of one’s home. In a natural set-up, agricultural lands and fish pens require a huge amount of space in order to work. In this system, the plants and fish can be placed closer to each other. The size of the containers that one can use also depends on the person.

Weeding is not necessary since soil is not used. The plants are grown in a hydroponic substrate so one does not need to worry about those unwanted weeds.

The aquaponics system is a sustainable method of growing plants and fish. The only thing that is added constantly is the fish food. There is no need to add fertilizers or pesticides. Weeding is also not necessary. Since the water is being filtered by the nitrifying bacteria, there is also no need to change the water every once in a while. Just make sure that the grown fish are fed well and that the aquaponics setup is already self-sustaining. No need for any additional effort and other costly materials.

It can also be a source of income and is cost-effective. The aquaponics system can provide resources that anyone can sell, especially if the setup is large enough to generate a large supply. It can also provide food for the household. Instead of buying from the market, the aquaponics system can provide the fish and vegetable needed. It can save a huge sum of money and can provide a healthy diet rich in vitamins and protein.

It contributes to ecological sustainability. Since this setup only requires a few materials in order to start, it is possible to save many resources. There is no waste product generated from this process and no pollutant is produced. It is a good practice towards ecological living and can help save the environment. The materials used can be from recyclable sources such as plastic containers or old fish tanks that are not in use.

The aquaponics system is very accessible especially for those who have mobility impairment like the elderly, pregnant women and those who have physical disabilities. It can also be a great stress reliever. It can be used as a design in the house because of its aesthetic value.

In conclusion, the aquaponics system has many benefits without spending too much money. Apart from its great economic value, it can also help in sustainable living and it can be a hobby for other people. With enough knowledge about this system, there is a hundred percent assurance that all the benefits are really worth the effort in setting it up.